Jan 5, 2012

#BDS in #France: 2011 a Breakthrough Year!

"The BDS movement had amazing successes in 2011 in France. Before 2011, French activists for Palestinian human rights had never seen a French musician cancel a show in Israel.  But 2011 saw three famous musicians cancel.  
In January, Vanessa Paradis refused to sing in Israel.  Her partner, Johnny Depp, also cancelled his trip to Israel.   French activists had asked the pop star to cancel her trip, in a highly visible creative protest outside of one of her concerts.  In November, Mireille Mathieu made an announcement on her website that she was postponing her Tel Aviv concert.  BDS France had written her an open letter, and they encourage her to stand strong against pressure from both French and Israeli booking agents to “reschedule” her concert in the apartheid state.  In December famed from opera singer, Oumou Sangaré chose to cancel her planned performance with the Israeli Opera.  An informative letter from BDS France was followed by a letter from BDS Italy."

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