Mar 17, 2011

#BDS: LU kicks off Israeli Apartheid Week

"An international boycott of businesses that support the Israeli government through sales of arms and security products is slowly taking root in the global community, says a Toronto filmmaker.
"We are not there yet," said John Greyson at a press confer-e nce Monday at Laurentian University, where the start of Israeli Apartheid Week activities was announced. "There is still much work to be done ...(But) I think the momentum is unstoppable. It's exciting. It's very difficult. Those of us who stand up and speak out about apartheid and solidarity for Palestine tend to get called a lot of names like Holocaust denier.
"I think that speaks to the importance of the issue, the difficulty of the issue, and also the very dynamics and difficult politics this issue represents."
An associate professor in film at York University, Greyson was visiting Laurentian to host two talks and video screenings Monday on the first day of Israeli Apartheid Week."
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