Jan 17, 2011

#BDS: ACTION ALERT: Special message to Californians

"You have just two weeks left to take an historic step in the struggle for peace and justice in Palestine-Israel. Just two weeks to help California become the first state in the US to start a divestment process from corporations that facilitate and profit from Israeli violation of international law and human rights. Just two weeks to join the European countries that are divesting their public pension funds.

In California, PERS, the Public Employees Retirement System -- one of the largest pension funds in the US -- and STRS (State Teachers Retirement System) both have policies on responsible investing that are not being honored. We can hold them accountable to their own policies and push them to start the divestment process if we garner the requisite number of signatures to place the Divestment Initiative on the California ballot. 

Just think of the incredible educational campaign we can wage if we succeed in getting the Initiative on the ballot. Just think of the message that we would be sending to the besieged people of Gaza; to the East Jerusalemites whose homes are being demolished; to the people of Bi’lin who have been waging a relentless, nonviolent campaign at the apartheid wall; to all the people of Palestine and to all those seeking a just peace.

If you are a registered voter in California, you can help send that message by signing the official Initiative petition. Download and print the Israel Divestment Petition and return it to us by January 30th. Click here:


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