Dec 3, 2010

#BDS: Polish activists force Israeli General onto the Defensive

Polish activists force Israeli General onto the Defensive

Today the Polish Solidarity Campaign with Palestine (Kampania Palestyna)
and the Polish Stop the War Initiative protested the invitation of
General Eitan Dangot, Israel’s Military Co-ordinator of Government
Activities in the (occupied) Territories to present at the Polish
Institute of International Affairs.

The Institute is a government think-tank providing platforms for experts
to inform government policy on international relations. The meeting was
jointly organised and sponsored by the Israeli government through the
Israeli Embassy in Warsaw.

Major General Dangot’s lecture was shut down to the public by the
Institute in response to Kampania Palestyna and Stop the War’s protest.

A few hours beforehand, another group of human rights activists had
graffitied the exterior of the building with slogans of solidarity with
the occupied Palestinian people.

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