Dec 3, 2010

#BDS: The First BDS victory in Japan: MUJI declared cancellation of Israeli shop plan!

Today, December 1st, MUJI declared cancellation of the plan to have a
shop in Israel on its website (Japanese):

It says:

RYOUHIN KEIKAKU Co. Ltd. decided to cancel the plan to have a shop in Israel, which we announced in our news release in April 12, 2010.
We decided the cancellation of the plan because of economical reason
as a result of the concrete research which had been done after the
news release.

In the past seven months after the announcement of the plan,

MUJI had been getting strong pressures from grassroots civil
society in Japan and other countries including Korea.
Although MUJI says their decision was taken on economic grounds,
MUJI had been answering to our recent email and telephone inquiry
that they were reconsidering the plan because of the opinions
against it.

This is the first BDS victory in Japan!!


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  1. Good work Yoshi and friends!

  2. this will good for Muji. i go often to Japan and next time i will spend some yen´s there, as a mission and i will tell them why.
    Good work