Dec 3, 2010

#BDS: Calls to boycott Israel-linked security firm in Denmark

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G4S, which supplies equipment to Israeli checkpoints and guards to settlements in the occupied West Bank is also used by the University of Copenhagen. Organisation calls for a boycott
The world's largest security company, the Danish / British G4S, has returned to the West Bank after withdrawing in 2002 following criticism from experts and the former Danish foreign minister Per Stig Moeller.
At the time, G4S declared that they did not want to breach international law and conventions by supplying armed guards to Israeli settlements in the occupied area.
This week however, the independent research centre DanWatch and Danish newspaper Berlingske revealed that G4S is back in the region. Lobbyists like the organization Responsible UniversityAnsvarligt Universitet now call on the University of Copenhagen to reconsider its use of the security company.

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