Dec 30, 2010

#BDS: Campaign Against Mekorot Launched in Argentina

In response to Merkorot’s proposed involvement in the an Argentinian water project, The Palestinian Federation of Argentina has moblized to boycott the company and halt the deal under the slogan “Mekorot Out!”.

The contract was revealed this January. Following a visit to Israel, the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires announced that a tender for the construction of a regional water treatment plant in La Plata would be awared a consortium, of which Mekorot is a part.

Mekorot is guilty of not only cutting off water to Palestinian areas and communities, but also ensuring the expansion of settlements by connection both large settlements and new “outposts” to the water network.

Accordingly, the Palestinain Federation has stressed that, “Mekorot is complicit in war crimes because their actions contribute to the maintenance and construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank and violate Palestinian human rights by not allowing them the minimum access to water or the exploitation of their natural resourcesthe […] Province of Buenos Aires must say NO to companies involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Read the Statement from the Palestinian Federation of Argentina

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