Nov 18, 2010

#BDS: Zionists Attack Meeting of Jewish Peace Group in California; 2 Injured

A meeting of the left-wing advocacy group 'Jewish Voice for Peace' in San Francisco Sunday was attacked by right-wing Zionists from 'SF Voice for Israel' who, wrapped in an Israeli flag, harassed and intimidated meeting attendees, pepper spraying two attendees at point-blank range causing their skin to be burned.

This is not the first time that 'SF Voice for Israel' members have attacked either pro-peace or pro-Palestinian groups. At a protest last year, 'SF Voice for Israel' members photographed the faces of attendees, then threatening them, saying, “You’re all being identified, every last one of you…we will find out where you live. We’re going to make your lives difficult. We will disrupt your families…” The threat was captured on video, and a police report was filed.

Attacks on Jews organizing meetings for equal rights for Palestinian by right-wing Zionists have been increasing in intensity and severity in recent months, both in Israel and in the U.S.

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