Nov 18, 2010

#BDS: US Mennonite students push for divestment from Israeli occupation

Eastern Mennonite University students are pushing their institution for divestment from companies supporting Israeli military occupation of Palestinian lands.
On 12 November 2010, Students for Morally Responsible Investment (SMRI) presented their case against EMU's investment in businesses which help fund or further oppression in Israel-Palestine.
Leaders of SMRI have now met with Everence (a Mennonite financial institution), Mennonite Educational Agency (MEA) and the EMU administration, seeking a change of policy.
They say they are hopeful about progress made at the meetings - including the Financial and Audit Committee of EMU last week.
"The presence of 35 EMU students right outside of the meeting room, sitting in vigil, in solidarity, and in support, was amazing to see," said senior (final year student) Jessica Sarriot.

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