Nov 27, 2010

#BDS: Thousands write to BT about complicity in occupation

Two weeks after the launch of Disconnect Now, thousands of people have emailed BT asking for an end to the company’s complicity in illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. As BT ignores the human rights implications of their relationship with Bezeq International, activists are calling for people to phone BT and tell them to disconnect now. 

A Just Peace for Palestine, along with campaign coalition members War on Want, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, and Palestine Solidarity Campaign, are yet to receive any formal response from BT to their letter calling for a meeting to discuss our concerns. 

Members of the public who contacted BT via email have received a standard reply that while failing to address the main issue of the settlements and human rights, mentions that Palestinian telecommunications company Paltel has an arrangement with Bezeq.1 But in an official statement, Paltel have explained that “the Palestinian telecommunications sector is a captive sector in its own market and is forced into having operational relationships with Bezeq and other Israeli operators”.2

With BT refusing to address campaigners’ serious concerns, we are calling for people to phone BT over the next week.

* To call BT’s headquarters dial 020 7356 5000

* If you are a BT shareholder you can complain by calling 0808 100 4141

* If you are a BT customer dial 152 from your BT landline

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  1. please note...Rang BT and although they seemed aware of this issue, the only thing they did was tell me to write an e-mail to the address given corncering this matter...Did mention that thousands had already done so but they remained.... very unhelpful...Emma