Nov 3, 2010

#BDS: Oxfam works in Israel to ‘alter the balance’

Oxfam is to launch a new strategy to improve its image with Israel and British Jews, after concerns about pro-Palestinian bias within the organisation.
The charity has never actively publicised its work with Jewish Israelis. During Operation Cast Lead Oxfam released a statement saying Palestinians had “fewer rights than convicts”.
Oxfam’s director Barbara Stocking, and its regional director for the Middle East, Olga Ghazaryan, have been working with the Movement for Reform Judaism to “rebalance” Oxfam’s portrayal of Israel on its website, and to add perspective to the statements it releases about the country.
Only Gaza, the West Bank and Bedouin projects in the Negev are currently highlighted on the organisation’s website.
The Reform Movement is to work on a joint poverty relief project with Oxfam for both Jews and Palestinians in Israel.
Oxfam’s Middle East media manager, Jennifer Abrahamson, said: “I think there have been many misconceptions about Oxfam’s relationship with Israel.
“We have worked in the country with both Jewish and Arab people and our mission is always only to help those suffering from injustice and poverty.

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