Oct 1, 2010

#BDS: Tunisian party calls for anti-normalization watchdog

The Tunisian Democratic Union party has called for the formation of an anti-normalization watchdog to thwart all forms and attempt to normalize ties with the Zionist entity.
The aprty's remarks came in the 25th anniversary of the Israeli raid on the Tunisian capital Tunis that left at least 60 Palestinian and Tunisian citizens dead.

The party also hailed the Tunisian public for strongly rejecting any form of normalization with the Israeli occupation, urging all Arab countries with diplomatic or commercial ties with the Zionist entity to immediately severe those ties, describing establishing relationships with the Zionists as "wasting the Arab rights on the Palestinian land".

The party also called on the Arab countries to withdraw the Arab Initiative, and to support Palestinian reconciliation, and to protect the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.
In addition, the party urged the PA in Ramallah city to stop the path of negotiation and to return back to the resistance option being the only assurance to establish the independent Palestinian state and to allow Palestinian refugees return back to their homeland.

In October 1985, Israeli warplanes launched an air strike on the PLO headquarters in the Tunisian capital suburb of Hammam Al-Shatt, killing scores of Tunisian and Palestinians, including PLO's strongman Khalil Al-Wazeer "Abu Jiahd".

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