Sep 20, 2010

#BDS: URGENT ACTION: Edinburgh City Council: No complicity in war crimes!

Edinburgh City Council has shortlisted Veolia in the so-called ‘Alternative Business Model’ programme. Veolia is in the running for a range of Environmental Services contracts.
But Veolia is a criminal company deeply complicit in Israel's breeches of international law (see factsheet).
On Aug 10, SPSC received this response from the Council dismissing our report calling for the exlcusion of Veolia. After lobbying the Aug 19th FUll Council meeting, and with the help of the Greens and Labour groups, the Lib Dem/SNP-controlled administrationagreed to investigate the issue further. A report is due by December.
Join the campaign to make sure Edinburgh council does not involve us in violations of international law and in human rights abuses!
Email your councillors today to urge them to exclude Veolia and its subsidiaries from all Council contracts:
If you live outside Edinburgh/Scotland you can express your concerns to:
Councillor Dawe, Leader of the Council:
Councillor Cardownie, Deputy Leader of the Council:
Send in your response from your councillor to

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