Sep 20, 2010

#BDS: Open Letter to Filmmaker Stephen Frears

Dear Stephen Frears:
As fellow artists who have been critical of the state of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people, we were surprised to learn that your film “Tamara Drew” is scheduled to open the Haifa International Film Festival of 2010 (HIFF).  While unable to directly affect the oppressive situation on the ground, as conscious artists we can act to resist the normalization of Israel’s colonial and apartheid policies, as outlined in the Artists Against Apartheid Declaration.  We are asking you to join us in the Palestinian led campaign for a cultural boycott of Israel, and withdraw your film from this Israeli state-sponsored event.
During your visit to Palestine in 2007 you were quoted saying, “Until I saw it with my own eyes, I did not fully understand what occupation meant. Going to Palestine changed my life. I was so shocked by what I saw and so impressed by the children I met in Balata camp, who somehow, against all adversity, remained positive and hopeful about the future”.

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