Sep 29, 2010

#BDS: Israeli physicist to represent Israel in Sahara Race alongside runners from Lebanon, Iran

n addition to the race's physical and mental challenges, Yitzhak is also concerned about being an Israeli man in an Arab country. "I'm not booking a taxi to the hotel in advance. I'd rather order it on the spot," he explained. Yitzhak will be wearing a sponsor's T-shirt with Israel's flag on it. "I fear a security incident," he admitted. "There will be a problem if such a thing occurs. I hope it will be alright."

After spending the night in Cairo, Yitzhak will join 156 runners from 36 states, including Lebanon and Iran, at the starting line in Egypt's Fayyum City. For a week he will be running 35 km per day and will be spending his nights in a large tent with 10 other participants. "One of the goals of the race is to form connections and interact socially with the runners."

During the race, Yitzhak will be carrying a 10 kg backpack containing his equipment: Two pairs of trousers, three shirts, four pairs of socks, a sleeping bag, toiletry, wet wipes, sunscreen lotion and most importantly - food. "A relative is sending me special high calorie portions from the US, 800 calories per portion," he said. To have a taste of home, he will also be packing some instant soup and halva bars.

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