Feb 4, 2012

URGENT APPEAL: HOPE ~ Higher Opportunities for Palestinian Education #Gaza

"My name is Nader Elkhuzundar, and I’m a 24-year-old Palestinian from Gaza. I have lived in the Gaza Strip since I was a child. I am the oldest of four children. Being the oldest comes with high expectations from my family, and a strong sense of duty towards my country and people. Although living in the Gaza Strip is a challenge; I have been able to pursue educational opportunities in my areas of interest. In 2008 I earned a diploma in Computer Programming with an 81.53 percent grade point average. I also now hold a BSc Management Information Systems (MIS) degree with an 83.48 percent GPA from the University of Palestine, which I received in March 2011. Since graduating from university I have tried hard to secure a job so that I may support my family and advance obtain work experience.  I have often received feedback from potential employers saying that I need to further my education in order to obtain a position."

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