Feb 4, 2012

Network Analysis for Palestine Activists: science for a successful #BDS campaign

"Network terminology is becoming increasingly commonplace in Palestine activist circles, as well as among anti-Palestinian groups. We speak of “viral videos” and “links to the far right.” Anti-Palestinians have formed an “Israel Action Network” and refer to “Hubs of Delegitimization.” Are networks the latest innovation in an evolving arsenal of advocacy? Or just a catchy buzzword? The answer is neither.

Any two things that are related can be said to belong to a network. A flock of birds is a network. A group of friends is a network. Our own bodies consist of complex networks. Airports and flight routes are networks. Networks offer us a framework for understanding relationships–a framework which may be new to us–but are hardly new in their own right."
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  1. Hi Dude,

    A gateway can also be a computer that acts as a go-between for two or more networks that use the same protocol. In this case, the gateway functions as an entry or exit point to the network. Thanks!