Sep 3, 2012

#BDS: @mashrou3leila - Boycott Those Who Refuse To Boycott #fuckisrael

"Hundreds of ’48 Palestinians are getting ready to attend your upcoming show in Amman, I’m one of them, we’ve bought the tickets and booked the hotel rooms and we are enthusiastically talking about the concert. Amman is close to us and we are allowed entry into it just as we are allowed into Cairo, they have become our only windows of communication into our Arab being, culture and civilization that Israel and Arab regimes have isolated us from.

We were surprised to hear of your announcement of opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert that will take place in Beirut, Lebanon on the 6th of September, we will bewildered as to how you can ignore the overwhelming campaign that Palestinians worldwide and Palestinian supporters have been working on to urge Red Hot Chili Peppers to cancel their upcoming show in Tel Aviv (September 10th) , as well as the joint Palestinian-Lebanese campaign to urge the Lebanese people to boycott the concert in Beirut if Red Hot Chili Peppers doesn’t cancel their Tel Aviv concert."
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