Sep 3, 2012

#BDS in #Egypt #fuckIsrael

"Last night Israeli Occupation Forces pounded the Gaza strip, which is (yes still!) under the ongoing illegal, Israeli imposed, Egyptian upheld siege, as a UN report broke the news that Gaza will be unlivable in 2020 (though it’s evident to many that Gaza it is unlivable now). Meanwhile, highlighting the importance of such an event, Cairo held its first public boycott divestment & sanctions (or BDS in Arabic & English) event in Egypt at Mosireen, which organizers hope is the first step in breaking down the government’s imposed barriers with their Palestinian neighbors. While boycott and divestment campaigns in Europe and the U.S. have grown considerably over the past 7 years, the Arab world’s longstanding boycott of Israel is constantly and increasingly being undermined by governments and business men across the Arab world.  Although public support of Israel by the Egyptian people is practically nonexistent, the Egyptian and Jordanian government are the only two Arab countries to have official trade relations with Israel – and since the revolution in Egypt, revenues are said to have increased by at least 40%."

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