Jul 24, 2012

#BDS: #UCLA professor wins fight over academic freedom

"This spring, a UCLA professor was criticized by a faculty leader for linking an online syllabus for a World Arts and Cultures course to a website that called for a boycott of Israel. At the time, professor David Delgado Shorter reportedly was told that the link for his winter term class on Tribal Worldviews seemed to advance a political agenda that was inappropriate in the classroom.
Shorter, however, said his academic freedom was being violated and he questioned whether Andrew Leuchter, the chairman of UCLA’s faculty Senate, should have responded to a complaint about the link from a group that seeks to fight anti-Semitism at UC.
Shorter said that the link to the Israel boycott was just one of a number of suggested links for the class to explore the rights of various groups around the world and that he also discussed in class the point of view of people who are against the boycott.
Now, Shorter has won vindication."
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