May 25, 2012

#BDS: Israeli exports to #EU down 16%

"Israel’s exports are experiencing a downturn, the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEI) said Tuesday.

A new IEI report said that Israel‘s exports came to $10.9 billion in the first quarter of 2012 – a 6.5% drop from Q4-2011 and a 5% tumble compared to last year’s first quarter.
One disconcerting trend noted by the IEI was a 16% drop in Israel’s exportsto the European Union, which came to $3.6 billion. EU exports make up 33% of Israel’s overall global exports.
Exports to Asia, which made up 20% of Israel’s exports in Q1-2012, came to $2.2 billion, a 6% decrease from Q4-2011, but a 7% rise from Q1-2011.
Exports to the US, which made up 21% of Israel’s exports in the first quarter, added 3% and amounted to $2.4 billion. Still, US exported dropped 23% compared to Q1-2011."
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