Apr 30, 2012

#BDS Heeding boycott call, Irish band Dervish pulls out of Israel concerts

The Irish band Dervish announced today that it has pulled out of a series of Irish music concerts in Israel this June, so as not to violate calls for the cultural boycott of Israel.
At the time we agreed to these performances we were unaware there was a cultural boycott in place. We now feel that we do not wish to break this boycott,” the group said in a statement on its Facebook, adding, “Our decision to withdraw from the concerts reflects our wish to neither endorse nor criticise anyone’s political views in this situation.”
Composer and writer Raymond Deane, hailed the decision, commenting, “I salute you for this courageous and morally correct decision. You will now be subject to massive defamation from Zionists and their fellow-travellers - you should see this as proof that you have made the correct decision, because it will reveal to you the viciousness and mendacity of Israel’s apologists.”
Deane has been a leading Irish campaigner for the cultural boycott of Israel and a signatory along with 150 other Irish artists of an August 2010 pledge to boycott Israel. Since the pledge’s launch, the number of signatories has reached more than 200.  Read more here.

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