Oct 13, 2011

#BDS: BNC supports Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike, and calls for stepping up the BDS

For the fifteenth day in a row, our brave political prisoners continue their 
open-ended hunger strike in Israeli prisons, challenging the walls of silence 
and international complicity, and refusing indignation and the persistent 
violations of their rights.  
While today marks the historic UN day of solidarity with South African 
political prisoners, the UN, under US hegemony, has turned its back on the 
plight of Palestinian political prisoners, including hundreds of child 
prisoners, languishing under severe hardships in Israel’s notoriously 
inhumane prisons. This put the moral burden on international civil society to 
act, by applying effective pressure on Israel to release all Palestinian and 
Arab political prisoners and to respect their internationally recognized rights 
in the meanwhile.

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