Sep 17, 2011

#BDS: Yabous Palestine Festival: Beware Normalization

"Palestinian artist, Rim Kanaan, warns against participation of non-committed colleagues, like renowned Iraqi singer Ilham al-Madfai, in Palestinian cultural festivals and events.
I am not writing to criticize or defend Yabous, a non-profit organization for the production of performing arts and reviving cultural life in Palestine. As an independent Palestinian artist, I applaud any project that promotes Palestinian culture and celebrates the cultures of others, whether in Palestine or in the diaspora.
But I am writing in light of a statement made by Khaled al-Ghoul, a project coordinator at Yabous, claiming that artists invited to the Yabous festival have clear positions in support of the Palestinian people, something that seems to be undermined by the invitation of Iraqi artist Ilham al-Madfai by Yabous."
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