Jul 17, 2011

#BDS: #Israel Understands the Power of Boycotting, British Muslims Don’t

"‘The Knesset voted 47-38 in favor after a stormy debate, during which opposition members accused the government of passing an anti-democratic law.
Under the terms of the bill it will be a civil offence to back an anti-Israel boycott, be it consumer, academic or cultural; and initiators of a boycott will be subject to litigation. The law also prevents the government doing business with any company that initiates or complies with boycotts.
So why would the terrorist state of Israel do anything further to prove its non-democratic status, by passing this bill?
Quite simply because boycotting is a powerful tool and Israel understands the damage it can cause.
Try explaining this to some Muslims who repeatedly shun the ‘Blood Dates Campaign’, in which MPACUK annually remind Muslims in Ramadhan to not buy Israeli dates."
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