Jul 12, 2011

#BDS: Boycott, Divestment, Sanction Against #Israel Regime

"There is a growing movement around the world (particularly in Europe, US and Australia) to boycott Israel - a country that is increasingly being described as Apartheid Israel.
International corporate organisations and companies, civic and cultural bodies such as churches and universities and also the public are mounting pressures on their respective governments to* **boycott** *(cultural, academic relations), to *divest* (economic, financial interests) and to impose *sanctions* (trade, travel) on Israel - a country that continues to defy UN Resolutions and International Law daily. Israel's occupation of Palestine is illegal, and the goods and products that originate from Occupied Palestine are consequently (in terms of International Trade Laws) illegal.
The fact that the company called Dead Sea Premier from Israel has been trading in New Zealand Aotearoa is legally untenable and morally reprehensible. Moreover, Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine* *is concerned that the products being sold to the New Zealand public are `stolen property'."
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