Jul 12, 2011

#BDS: Australian activists defy police’s attacks

"Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - Australian police viciously attacked a pro-Palestine BDS demonstration in Melbourne on Friday  July 1. 19 activists were arrested and charged with a variety of offenses including trespass, riotous behaviour and besetting (an antiquated anti-picketing law).

Arrests of political activists on this scale have not been seen here for many years. The attack by police was totally unprovoked, and clearly politically orchestrated. The Zionist lobby in Australia has been strident in its attacks on the BDS campaign. For example Walt Sercord, recently elected member of the NSW parliament and former journalist with Australian Jewish News, used his maiden speech in parliament last month to demand action against BDS campaigners. “With the BDS gaining support, the NSW Government and the Police Minister must ensure that companies with an Israeli connection are protected and are not unfairly targeted,” Secord said. “BDS is part of a worldwide attempt to isolate Israel, to boycott Israeli products, creativity, programs and culture. It has reached Australia and that is of concern.”

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