Jun 7, 2011

#BDS: Document from Israeli Civil Administration proves #Ahava sources mud from Occupied Shores of Dead Sea

"Last year, Ahava's CEO Yaakov Ellis circulated a letter to retailers denouncing our boycott campaign and claiming that all the mud and minerals they use in their products are sourced from south of the Green Line (i.e. within Israel's 1948 borders). We thought this was a lie, and now we have evidence to prove it! The Israeli Civil Administration granted Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories an excavation permit for the shores of the Occupied West Bank in 2004, and stated at the end of May that the excavation site was still active. We are working to update our web site to reflect this documentary evidence that Ahava is indeed exploiting occupied natural resources (called PILLAGE in the Geneva Conventions). Ahava: stolen land, stolen mud, stolen beauty."

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