Jan 14, 2011

#BDS: Angry Arab bashes Gaza Dr who supports peace with the Zionist entity

Angry Arab bashes Gaza Dr. who supports peace with Israel:

"He is on a speaking tour to promote his silly book (I shall not hate) in the US and Canada. Various Zionist liberal organizations are promoting him and peddling his book. He spoke in Berkeley last night. Rabbi Michael Lerner (who devotes his silly magazine, Tikkun, to the "anguish" of Israeli terrorist occupiers) introduced him. His message is love and peace with Israel. Like all Arab puppets of Zionist organizations, he is not very bright and has such poor command of English (is he not supposed to have gone to Harvard? Well, maybe that explains). After he spoke, I responded."


  1. Thank you Farah for the video; I recall first seeing Dr. Abu-ElEish´s story on DN! and being deeply touched by it. I continue to empathise with his situation, but his reaction to it, has left me totally bemused.

    On the website the Dr. dedicates to the memory of his daughters, he repeats, verbatim, the Israeli narrative by stating that the assault was launched in response to militant rocket attacks on Israel. So not only does he want peace with his daughters´ killers, he is actually justifying the attacks that lead to their death!

    Furthermore, he seems to be gratified by the idea that his daughters´ death was "seared in the Israeli national conscious" (leaving aside that he has no proof for this, I am not sure how beneficial this was/is when 94% of Israeli Jews polled said they supported the Gaza massacre, and even asked for more).

    Interestingly though, the Dr. saw it befitting to bash Professor AbuKhalil, and spout some emotional nonsense about open mindedness to a man who has always been at the forefront of defending Palestinians!

    Here, I see befitting a saying by Mahmoud Darwish:

    أن نكون ودودين مع من يكرهوننا، وقساةً مع من يحبوننا - تلك هي دونية المتعالي، وغطرسة الوضيع!


  2. One of his daughters was a very close friend of my sister. I remember one time calling my family during the war on Gaza and my sister was crying and when I asked what happens, she told me about the story of Abuelaish's daughters, I was very very angry (felt more angry than saddened). Now I am even more angrier when I hear their father uttering his bullshit... now I have to spend $14 to see what else this man said about the brave people of Gaza and Palestinians in general.