Apr 7, 2011

#BDS: Sacramento Co-Op Board Abandons Democratic Principles Won’t Let Members Vote On Proposed Israel Products Boycott

"What started out as a question of whether the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op should stop carrying certain products based on human rights considerations has now become a matter affecting the Co-op’s very democracy.
In an effort to prevent the Co-op’s members from voting on this issue, the Co-op Board has eliminated its long standing boycott policy, done away with Open comments at Board meetings, and is seeking to eviscerate member’s ability to put initiatives before a vote of the full membership as provided in the Co-op’s Bylaws. All of this while it discusses major policy changes at private meetings with no member input.
Almost forty years ago, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op started as a buying club out of private homes, operating essentially as a direct democracy. Soon there was a store front, then a small store on Freeport Blvd. In 1989 the Co-op moved to its current location at Alhambra and S. As the Co-op grew, it incorporated and shifted to what might be viewed as a form of representative democracy, with a member-elected Board of Directors."
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