Apr 7, 2011

#BDS: Elizabeth Taylor and Israel, a lasting love

"The world lost an icon Wednesday with the death of Elizabeth Taylor — and Israel lost one of its best friends in Hollywood.

Wednesday also brought the first bombing in Jerusalem in nearly four years, so the news of Taylor’s death was overshadowed there by the explosion and by escalating rocket fire from Gaza. But the actress’s passing represented the end of a relationship with the Jewish state that may have been the last of its kind.
American media coverage of Taylor’s life has understandably focused on her on- and offscreen dramas, as well as her pioneering AIDS activism. But she was also a supporter of Israel to a degree that largely went unmentioned this past week, bringing to the cause a commitment nearly unimaginable among Hollywood stars today. In a life famously shared with seven husbands, Taylor’s relationship with Israel was one of her longest."
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