Apr 18, 2011

#BDS: Picket Echo & Bunnymen to play in Apartheid Israel

"By playing Tel Aviv, "The implicit message is that the country is liberal and progressive. Music fans can dance, drink and pop pills long into the night, blissfully distracted from the immeasurable suffering endured by Palestinians living just 40km down the road in Gaza." [Faithless guitarist Dave Randall]

We are asking Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen to cancel their scheduled performance in Israel:

Please don't breach the boycott picket line;
Respect the Palestinian call for Boycott of Israel;
Postpone until Israel respects human rights and abides by international law.

We'll hand out leaflets to the fans and if lucky to Ian McCulloch.
We'll hold banners, calling EATB to cancel.
Make your own banner with your personal message."

Link to event

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