Apr 18, 2011

#BDS: No surprise Bob Dylan is visiting the ‘neighborhood bully’

"You may have seen the recent letter by the Israeli peace and justice group "Boycott From Within" (BfW) asking Bob Dylan to heed the Palestinian call for BDS and therefore not perform in Israel.  The letter follows reports of Dylan's 2011 summer tour, during which he will perform at Ramat Gan Stadium on June 20th.
The BfW letter hits all the right notes and speaks truth.  It asks Dylan "not to perform in Israel until it respects Palestinian human rights," explaining that "a performance in Israel, today, is a vote of support for its policies of oppression."  The letter speaks of ethnic cleansing, land theft, martial law, air strikes, and massacres.  It beseeches the folk legend, who has "been part of a civil rights movement," to stand with the oppressed against the aggressor.  BfW writes that "BDS is a powerful and united civil initiative in the face of a brutal military occupation and apartheid. It’s a nonviolent alternative to a waning armed struggle and it has reaped many successes and instilled much hope, in the past six years."

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