Mar 10, 2011

#BDS: UK Company Exporting from Jordan Valley Settlements

"The Jordan Valley is the Palestinian area most relentlessly exploited by settlement agricultural companies. Most famously campaigners have been focusing on the Israeli national exporter Carmel Agrexco for their illegal exports from the area. However, Corporate Watch has uncovered a new company to add to the target list. During a trip to the area we found a packing house bearing the signage of the Israeli company ‘Edom UK’ (, 20% owned by the British company Valley Grown Salads ( The packing house is based in the agricultural area of the settlement of Tomer. There was also a truck marked EDOM UK picking up produce from the settlement.
Edom was founded in 2003 and is described by Valley Grown Salads as ‘a partnership between a select group of growers, marketers and customers’, of which they are a part. Jimmy Russo, Valley Grown Salads’ owner and director, is also the chairman of Edom. In 2008, a sister company, EDOM Fruit, was established."
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