Mar 16, 2011

#BDS: If BDS isn't working, then why fight it? Canadian Winnipeg university head fights IAW

"WINNIPEG, Manitoba – University of Winnipeg President Lloyd Axworthy, a former Canadian foreign minister, has taken an activist approach in dealing with the presence of Israel Apartheid Week for the first time on his campus this year, by having the university put on a series of programs that counter the delegitimization of the Jewish state.

“It is the responsibility of a university to ensure that an issue [the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] that’s as important as this be given a full and fair hearing as opposed to a one-sided hearing,” Axworthy told The Jerusalem Post.

“We felt the most effective way to respond to Israel Apartheid Week was to organize a series of opportunities in March for Arab-Jewish dialogue” that is “respectful, more open and fair” and promotes a greater understanding of the issues involved, he said.

The university administration sponsored a panel discussion last Tuesday by two Jewish members and two Arab members of a local Arab-Jewish Dialogue group."

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