Jan 13, 2011

#BDS: Protest on February 10 2011: Israeli Apartheid = Violence against Women

Israel took your life,
we take up your struggle, dignity and courage

A call for women all over the world to unite behind the popular resistance and the determination of Palestinian women in defense of their land, rights and dignity.

While the world was celebrating a new year, Jawaher Abu Rahmah (34 years) died in a Ramallah hospital from poisoning due to teargas inhalation.

Jawaher was out in the fields on Friday, December 31 participating in the protest against the Apartheid Wall that strangles her village Bil’in, stealing its lands and livelihood. She had seen her brother killed in a similar protest almost two years ago when Israeli military shot him with a tear gas grenade in the chest, but this only intensified her dedication to her work with the youth that can carry on the resistance. It didn’t deter her from joining the protests. When the tear gas clouds reached her that day, she fell sick and died from the effects of the gas.

Like Jawaher, many Palestinian women stand on the front lines of resistance every day: in the protests, at the checkpoints, in the meeting rooms, in their own homes and in Israeli jails. Generations of Palestinian women have led, joined and supported the Palestinian struggle, yet far too often their contributions, sacrifices and efforts go unacknowledged. They pay a silent but heavy price. They are shouldering the burden of families lacerated by Israeli repression and dispossession. They are beaten, harassed, insulted, tortured and killed by Israeli occupation forces.

The international community actively sustains Israeli apartheid, and the “business as usual“ approach and arms trade with Israel support and encourage Israeli wars, repression and violence against women.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign is organizing a mass mobilization of Palestinian women in Bil’in to mark the traditional commemoration on the 40th day of the passing away of Jawaher Abu Rahma.

We are calling you to join us and mobilize in protests in your countries on February 10.

Don’t forget Jawaher!
Stand with Palestinian women against Israeli violence!
Stop your countries from trading arms that kill Palestinians."

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