Dec 8, 2010

#BDS: My Experience at Oasis Food Market, Oakland: What a Pleasant Surprise!

"Do you sell Israeli products?" are five words that now represent our opening statement when shopping at Arabic stores across California.

After visiting MECA's Palestinian Crafts Bazaar in Berkeley yesterday, my husband and I headed to Oasis Food Market, an Arabic restaurant and grocery store in Oakland.

When asked that question, the store manager, an Arab from Yemen, explained that the only products in the store imported through “Israel” are those manufactured in 1948 Palestine. Not only that, the store is keen on labeling those products with a sign that says: “Products of Palestine” as shown below:

Oasis sells Palestinian olive oil, dates, soap, thyme and other products from Palestine:

After taking some pictures, I went on to inspect products at the store, I came across Elite, a brand manufactured by Strauss, a company that has in the past publicly adopted the Golani Brigade of the Israeli Occupational Forces and provides its members with financial support. The manager was unaware that Elite is an Israeli product; he promised he would refrain from selling the products of the Zionist enemy.

Oasis is not only a supporter of Palestine: One corner at the entrance of the store displays posters for charitable organizations that support Iraqi orphans.

Please visit Oasis Food Market and purchase Palestinian products:
(510) 655-5111

Farah Rowaysati


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