Dec 23, 2010

#BDS: MNA Amir Khadir unapologetic for picketing store that sells Israeli-made shoes

Québec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir attends a protest organized by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights in 2008. Khadir has participated in many pro-Palestinian rallies, including a demonstration outside a shoe store last Saturday organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity.

Québec solidaire leader Amir Khadir is making no apologies for asking clients to boycott a family-owned shoe store in his own riding because it sells shoes made in Israel.

"Just because a business is in my riding, I am not going to abandon my principles," Khadir, member of the National Assembly for Mercier, told The Gazette on Friday.

Khadir participated in a demonstration last Saturday in front of Le Marcheur shoe store on St. Denis St. at Duluth Ave., handing out flyers asking customers to boycott the store until it stopped selling Israeli-made shoes.
The demonstration was organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity, a Montreal-based human rights group that advocates for the right of Palestinians to live in safety.

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