Nov 23, 2010

#BDS: Kairos Palestine to Chilean Miners: Don’t Allow Israel to Exploit Your Suffering!

To our Chilean brothers,

We, Kairos Palestine – co-authors of the “Moment of Truth” document, which is Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about the Israeli occupation of Palestine and a call for support in opposing it – send you warm greetings from Bethlehem.

We have rejoiced at the news of your rescue, we marvel at your strength and courage, and we hope the past weeks have been healthy and happy for you and your families.

However, we also write with concern regarding your recent invitation from the Israeli government to visit the Holy Land. Of course, we would be honored by your presence in our home – this is not what we object to! But we question the motives of Israel in issuing this invitation, spotlighting what you have suffered and endured, while Israel continues to damage, degrade, and suppress Palestinians under military occupation. Charity – which is also to say, humanity, justice, and respect – begins at home.

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