Nov 11, 2010

#BDS: Israeli TV shows making it big in Hollywood

Actress Noa Tishby, senior executives in American TV industry discuss on-screen Israel-US relations

The wave of adaptations of Israeli shows for the international markets has inundated the world, bringing a much needed boost to the Israeli television and film industry. Only last week, Israeli channel 10 announced the sale of successful TV show "The Naked Truth" to HBO, and the show "Tall and Greenbaum" which hasn't even aired in Israel, received the green light to produce a pilot for the ABC network. The next US television season will also include an adaptation of the Israeli show "Ramzor", which will be known as "Mixed Signals".

Last week, Israeli animated series for adults, Middletown which is being developed by media giant Technicolor joined the ranks of shows purchased for US television and like Israeli show Naor's friends it will be adapted to suit American audiences through Israeli-American company Operating Room, which represents Israeli screenwriters in the US market, helping them to develop American formats of Israeli shows.

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