Nov 12, 2010

#BDS: BT and Israel

As BT announces its half-year profits, we call on the company to end its complicity in the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and cut its partnership with Israeli telecommunications firm Bezeq International. BThas allowed Bezeq International to join its exclusive alliance programme, affording preferential access to BT's products and services. Bezeq provides telecommunication services to Israel's illegal settlements, which are widely condemned as obstacles to peace (Report, 10 November). By allowing Bezeq into the alliance programme, BT is supporting the infrastructure which enables illegal Israeli settlements to exist. BT will remain complicit in Israel's breaches of international law unless it cuts all ties with Bezeq International immediately.
John Hilary, War on Want Rev Canon Garth Hewitt, Amos trust Hugh Lanning, Palestine Solidarity Campaign Diana Nelsen, Jews for Justice for Palestinians Ken Loach Mark Thomas

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