Oct 25, 2010

#BDS: Pete Seeger: Unless we communicate, mankind will disappear

American folk singer who mentored Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, set to participate in virtual rally for Negev's Arava Institute, but is supportive of commercial ban on Israel. 'The entire world should show Israel it should work non-violently,' he says

"My memory is going," says Pete Seeger during a phone interview conducted from his home in the Hudson River Valley. But the 91-year-old singer's sharpness does not cease to amaze, as he spells out a surname he thinks is important to the conversation or recalls his first visit to Israel in the 1960s. During the conversation it is hard to believe that the speaker is a World War II veteran who performed for Eleanor Roosevelt and marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr.

Then, as now, Seeger whole-heartedly believed that songs can bring change. Seeger, America's most important folk-music singer, says time and again that dialogue and non-violent actions are the only way to solve conflicts. This is why he's participating in a virtual rally in support of the Negev's Arava Institute, whose students include Israelis, Palestinians, Jordanians and others.

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