Oct 4, 2010

#BDS: Neil Sedaka: Israel is the homeland

Pop music icon promises to be 'bigger than Paul Anka' in Tel Aviv concert. 'After all, I'm one of yours'

In early August, Neil Sedaka took his wife to Madison Square Garden for a Lady Gaga performance, which sold out months before. "I admire Gaga. She's very talented and wise, that girl," he says.

"My wife and I were looking forward to that performance. We were hoping for a nice ballad, but everyone around us was screaming and it was all too loud for us, and we even brought earplugs. An hour later we got up and left. Her success is not random, but how long will it last? Fifty-two years? I'm not sure."

When Sedaka says this last sentence, the number 52 comes out of his throat stronger and longer. At the age of 71, after selling 50 or 60 million records, cassettes, CDs and other distinct formats, he still won't stop.

A musical based on his life story and songs opened in London several months ago. "It will probably get to Broadway later on, it always takes them some time over there," he says.

In two months time, he plans to record a classical piece he wrote with the London Symphony Orchestra. "This has been done before by only Paul McCartney and Billy Joel!"

And most important, on October 16 he will land at Tel Aviv's Nokia Arena for his first concert in Israel after 46 years. "I will perform my songs in Hebrew as well. It's nice that Paul Anka did well in Israel, but with me it will be even bigger. It's a victory tour. After all, I'm one of yours."

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