Oct 23, 2010

#BDS: Dutch Company Face Criminal Charges For Building Separation Wall

Human rights group Al-Haq have initiated criminal proceedings against a Dutch construction company for supplying equipment used to build the Separation wall and settlements. A complaint has been lodged with the state prosecutor, who pending the results of a police raid on Riwal’s headquarters in Holland, may pursue criminal convictions.

Al-Haq hold video and photographic evidence of Riwal machinery being used to construct sections of Israel’s Separation Wall and a building inside the settlement of Ariel. They claim to have sworn witness statements for these sightings.

Such construction would violate the International Criminal Court of Justice statute of 2004, ruling that the Wall is illegal. All settlements in the West Bank, of which is Ariel is the largest, are also illegal under international law. The Dutch Ministry of Justice have forbidden companies from involvement, making Riwal liable to punitive measures. Riwal have been under investigation since 2006.

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