Oct 5, 2010

#BDS: ‘Boycott Israel’ protest shuts down Israeli cosmetics stall in Brisbane

Brisbane anti apartheid activists closed down the Seacret Cosmetic stall in Garden City in suburban Brisbane as part of the global BDS movement to Boycott Israeli goods

What kind of business is Seacret’s
It may be that Palestinians work in Seacret’s factory on the West Bank.
Before the Gaza war there was 16.3% Palestinian unemployment in the West Bank and 41.3% in Gaza.

The Israeli unemployment rate was 6.1% (which included Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who have the highest unemployment rates among Israelis.) Palestinians line up at 3:00am every morning hoping to secure a day’s employment in Israeli factories or in Jewish settlement construction sites in order to earn a few dollars for urgent needs for their families that the approx $2 of goods per day provided by the UNRWA for Palestinian refugees will not provide for.

Approximately 30% (754,263 people in June 2008 according to UNWRA statistics) of the 2.3 million Palestinians living in the West Bank are refugees or descendants of refugees from villages and towns located in what became Israel during the 1948 war, and a majority still live in towns surrounding the West Bank major cities that are a permanent development of the UNWRA refugee camps. (Of course the figures are much higher in Gaza.)

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  1. You can find the whole article at http://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/2010/10/04/another-successful-boycott-of-israel-bds-protest-action-in-brisbane/