Oct 15, 2010

#BDS: Another Firm Boycotts Israeli Settlements

In case you need an introduction to the whole boycott thing against Israel, I’ll repost my prompt before I get to the new news:

If Israel refused to respect Palestinian rights and national aspirations when the world was offerings carrots in the forms of international recognition, then a new tactic was to now be adopted: using sticks in the form of international isolation.

This is what BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is about. Giving Israel the legitimacy it craves only emboldened Israeli occupation, injustices and indulgences. Being nice failed. Now BDS is doing the opposite and it is simple: Make Israel pay for its occupation and crimes and maybe this tough approach will force an Israeli reevaluation of its cruel conduct and an eventual change in its policy which will bring about real peace. If Israel sees a setback for its standing, if it is made to face consequences instead of the past naive benefit of the doubt accorded to it, if Israel is actually made to pay a felt price it is more likely to cease its condemned acts.

And the BDS movement is recording new success nearly every week. European grocery chains are de-shelfing Israeli products, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund is divesting from Israeli firms tied to the occupation, musicians from around the world are refusing to play in Israel, and so on and so forth.

Israel’s supporters arrogantly dismiss BDS, but the public show of arrogance only betrays their inner insecurities and worries about the increasing well-deserved pariah state of their nation as even a right-wing Israeli “think tank” (Reut Institute) acknowledges that BDS is working.

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