Sep 6, 2010

'Esti Ginzburg should be a Bond girl' - #BDS

Hollywood director Joel Schumacher sees a bright future for his new film's Israeli star. 'She's amazing and I admire her,' he says

If it were up to American director Joel Schumacher, who has worked with Hollywood's leading actresses – from Julia Roberts and Demi Moore to Nicole Kidman – Israeli soldier Esti Ginzburg would have a bright future in the movie capital.

After directing Ginzburg in his new film "Twelve," Schumacher believes the young model is going places. "With Esti's looks and with a lot of determination, she could definitely have a Hollywood career," Schumacher told Yedioth Ahronoth in a special interview.

Did she share any experiences from her military service?

"Yes, she even sent me a picture of herself holding a rifle. So I told her, 'This is exactly what the world needs, a blonde girl who can shoot.' Chase Crawford and I were a bit worried about her and afraid that she would be in the front. I wouldn't stop harassing her about it and calling her to Israel. I only clamed down after realizing that she isn't a combat soldier."

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