Sep 14, 2010

#BDS: Works In Progress on the Only Food Co-op Boycott of Israeli Goods

Olympia's progressive community newspaper, Works In Progress, has several interesting articles and letters about the Olympia Food Co-op's boycott of Israeli goods in its September edition. Phan Nguyen's article, "Who owns the Palestine-Israel conflict?" is a real gem (see text below) and don't miss the "BDS Fun Page".

Who owns the Palestine-Israel conflict?

Reflections on BDS and the absurdity of "engaging with Jews"

by Phan Nguyen

Recently, two non-Jewish Co-op members wrote and circulated a letter entitled "Anti-Jewish Oppression, The Olympia Food Co-op and Israel." The letter echoed a common sentiment heard around town: Olympia needs to tend to its Jewish population, as they have been triggered and traumatized by the Olympia Food Co-op's boycott of Israeli goods.
According to the letter, "the conversation [within the Olympia community] should switch to one about anti-Jewish oppression, and away from this point Israel and the Co-op's Board of Directors are a distraction. The conversation Olympia needs to have right now is about eliminating anti-Jewish oppression in Olympia.
"Invite local Jews to share stories of instances they've experienced anti-Jewish oppression. Let us all learn."

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