Sep 9, 2010

#BDS: One Nation Working Together

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is proud to endorse "The Peace Table," the peace and anti-war voice of the "One Nation Working Together" October 2 march on Washington, DC "for a future of justice at home and peace abroad, where we create good jobs for all of us and take on the great challenges we face as a nation."

This march will bring together hundreds of thousands of people from trade unions, faith-based organizations, and activists for economic and racial justice, environmentalists, and the peace and justice movement.

We'll be there to support demands for jobs and economic justice by calling for the United States to end military aid to Israel and redirect that money to unmet needs here at home.

We'll have signs, banners, fliers, and petitions, but we need you and your organization to help us organize and make the demand for ending U.S. military aid to Israel front and center at this year's most important Washington, DC peace and justice rally!

Join the US Campaign to form an "End U.S. Military Aid to Israel" contingent, and help us organize march participants to redirect $30 billion in military aid to Israel to unmet needs here at home.

Learn more below.  

Call to Action
Find out why you should join.

Sign Up to Organize for the March
Help us organize marchers to redirect $30 billion in military aid to Israel to unmet needs in our communities.

Organize Locally to End Military Aid to Israel
Sign up as a local volunteer organizer to challenge U.S. military aid to Israel and take part in local coalition-building efforts to redirect our country's economic priorities.

Learn More about the Cost of Military Aid to Israel
Click here to find out how much money your community gives in military aid to Israel, and what that money could be used for instead to meet the needs of people in your community.

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