Aug 3, 2010

Missy Elliott can’t wait to visit Western Wall

American singer brushes off pressure not to perform in Israel, says will arrive in Holy Land earlier than planned

American singer Missy Elliott has been under a great amount of pressure recently to cancel her upcoming Israel concert, which is scheduled to take place this Thursday at Tel Aviv's Exhibition Park.

Elliott has been receiving messages from anti-Israel elements, who say they expect her "not to legitimize Israel's different activities" with her concert.

Nonetheless, the singer has informed the show's producer, Shuki Weiss, that she has not plans to cave into the pressure and will perform in Israel as planned.

Moreover, Elliott has announced that she will arrive in Israel one day earlier than planned in order to tour the country together with her entourage, which includes 30 dancers and crew members. The highlight of the visit is said to be the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

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